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Ali Pape

Ali Pape

Posted by All Things Local on 16th Apr 2020

Ali Pape Repurposes Sea Shells for Homemade Crafts

Part Native American, Ali Pape is well known in her hometown for being a very kind and caring individual.

The 'golden rule' cuts across cultures: Ali says "I always look at the good and all and try to reflect that in my personality to others. I always thought it was a good side of me to treat others as if I were the one being treated." Words to live by.

Roaming all over the Caribbean and Florida, and right here at Sandy Hook beach, Ali Pape fashions sea shell frames and boxes, and what ever else she is inspired to make. Using found shells from different beaches, she tries to use only recycled materials. She relishes the the fact that most of the materials she uses are tokens of her travels, collected from all over.

Producing Native American beadwork for many years, Ali has been involved with traditional quilting as well. But her new passion is creating things from nature. "I guess it's the Native American in me, that it that inspires me to head in this direction."

Wisdom has been the reward for a life tempered with loss. Ali's first husband was 28 years old when he was afflicted with a terrible illness. Losing him nearly 15 years ago, she learned to rise above a lot of hard times. Through the grief, the situation called for creative ways to help her family, and Ali rose to the occasion. "Producing things that I could make a living on to help maintain the household" became the focus of her life.

"I've always been a little hippie flower child even at this stage in life so I hope that people enjoy the things that I make. They're made with a lot of love in hopes that others would love them to or cherish them in their homes." What could be nicer.

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