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Khalid Uddin - Rise of the Red Harbinger

Khalid Uddin - Rise of the Red Harbinger

Posted by All Things Local on 21st Aug 2019

Khalid Uddin is the author of the fantasy adventure novel "Rise of the Red Harbinger," the first of "The Drowned Realm Series". Born in NJ, with a Guyanese background, a lot of elements in his writing are based off of real life experiences, interactions, and struggles. For instance in the book, when most characters have never heard of where the main character is from, it's because that's what growing up was like for him.

Khalid Uddin credits his creative beginnings to comic books, specifically The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men. Throughout middle school and high school, his predominant hobby was drawing his favorite characters, drawing original characters, and just about anything that was put in front of him. Once his college roommate introduced Khalid to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time book series, his imagination evolved and he saw the beginnings of his own fantasy world coming to life.

When his head is not developing his fictional world, Khalid spends his free time with his wife, Jen, and adorable daughters, Emme and Ava, who bring boundless sunshine and laughter to his life. Khalid makes a living with literature as a high school English teacher in New Jersey. He's passionate about reading and writing, learning about new people and cultures, geeky shows and movies, and his kids and students. Khalid loves to hear all the different theories and questions that people have about his book. He is currently writing the second book of his series and hopes to finish the book this year.

You can purchase Khalid Uddin's "Rise of the Red Harbinger" instore and online at All Things Local! All Things Local will be having a book signing with Khalid Uddin Friday, June 14th, from 2-4pm.