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Rosemarie Hampp is The Creative Alchemist

Rosemarie Hampp is The Creative Alchemist

Posted by All Things Local on 27th May 2019

Rosemarie Hampp is a self-taught artist, photographer, and designer living in Plainfield and Asbury Park, New Jersey. She creates eclectic items ranging from home décor, accessories, wearable art, and photography.

She has always loved making art and became interested in photography in her teens. Her Mother was an artist and after her death in 2006, Rosemarie developed an overwhelming need to make things. After buying the tools she needed, she set out to make things that inspired her, eventually becoming a creative obsession. Her house and grounds became filled with her work. People around her began noticing her unique perspective and began encouraging her to sell her was then that “The Creative Alchemist” was born.

Her business name reflects her vision of creating something extraordinary from something ordinary, whether it’s through the repurposing of items or combining concepts to create something unique. Rosemarie has no rules when it comes to what she makes, allowing her explore unlimited possibilities during her creative process.

Rosemarie utilizes scraps and discarded or found items in many of her projects and gives them a new life. This includes wood, metal, spare parts, and paint. She enjoys working with reclaimed wood, but you will also find her with a camera in hand photographing our beautiful state.

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