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​Theresa Horan - The Creative Tightwad

​Theresa Horan - The Creative Tightwad

Posted by All Things Local on 16th Apr 2020

Theresa Horan is "The Creative Tightwad"

Theresa Horan is a local Atlantic Highlands based artist who creates small home decor items and greeting cards.
She is passionate about finding creativity in every day! She loves quotes, designs from grocery boxes and ads, and creating her own spin on simple things like bowls, boxes, and frames. "I love that I can make products that I'm proud of that do not incur a great expense or much time," Theresa explains. Hence the name of her business, the Creative Tightwad.

Theresa grew up in Red Bank and has lived all her life in Monmouth County. She is a runner, long-distance walker, professional organizer, movie-goer, and avid reader. Theresa is married, has two grown sons, and is a grandmother of two (ages ten and two). Although her grandsons live in Arizona, she can share her work with them through Facebook. "When they visit, they enjoy hanging out in my craft room!"
Theresa and her husband "Hap" love to cook together and enjoy having friends over for dinner. "I'm very proud of my sons, Brian, a cabinetmaker, vegetarian chef, & musician; and Miles, a social worker, Army vet, and musician."

Twelve years ago, she became divorced after 29 years of marriage. It took a few years before she was able to move forward: She retired early and then returned to Rutgers University to complete her undergraduate degree in Sociology. "It was tough being the oldest person in every class, but I persevered."
During her last semester, she created a program where senior citizens could tell their stories using scrapbook materials and exhibit boards. This project not only renewed an interest in her love of color and design, but allowed her to see how creativity restores purpose and fun in so many lives.
"We are living in unsettling times. I do care about being informed but since I'm quickly overwhelmed I usually turn to paper, paint, and endless Netflix series to calm myself!"

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